Storing those pesky plastic bags!

Posted by Chrys on August 7th, 2009

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When one needs to store those plastic grocery store bags, one typically packs them into some unsuspecting closet in the kitchen. Storing them inside of a bigger bag at the bottom of a drawer or closet usually means they spill out all over the place whenever one is needed. So here is a Chrys’s cool way of better organising them!

To begin with, find a long thin format box or cardboard tube that will fit into the storage area that you have allocated for the bags. Ideally  the box should have  an entrace at the top for packing in the bags. Then measure roughly 10 cm  from the other end and cut a hole big enough to take out bags without them becoming stuck or falling out on their own. You should make the hole close enough to the bottom so that the stuffed bags are going to drop down when required. Cover the outer walls of the container with wrapping paper so that it looks attractive dangling in the storage area, but leave the top portion uncovered for the previously descibed entrance for the bags as well as the hole for bag retrieval. Secure the paper around the holes with tape so that the covering doesn’t come apart when putting in and taking out bags. Push the plastic bags down into the highest part of the container, making use of a broom handle or similar to help them on their way. Pack as many as you can, but be careful not to over-pack the container because you want the bags to be able to fall through the container when you take one out. Punch 2 nails through the top of the container, and nail it on to the wall inside the closet. Likewise, place a nail through the opening slot near the bottom to ensure that it stays fastened to the wall when you are pulling out bags. Enjoy!


Written By:Crystal is the founder of Chrysanthemoms, and a mother of 3. She is a graphic designer, specializing in wedding invitations, baby announcements and photo greeting cards. She is also an avid blogger and loves to write.Visit Crystal’s Website

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