Boris Bikes’ Birthday

Posted by May on September 23rd, 2015

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It has been five years since they launched the Boris Bikes! My, how time flies. I have actually cycled a lot during these 5 years however I’ve always used my own bike. Residing in West London means that cycle docks are not always close at hand and so I have generally opted for using my own bike. I also don’t like the idea of using a bike that everybody has been using – who knows what they left behind on the handlebars! 🙂  But things are about to change as I am selling my beloved bike in order to force myself to use the Boris Bikes. Why you may ask? I don’t really know other than I like change and I am trying to be more communal in everything I do. I have blogged about previous Boris Bikes’ birthdays, but this year it appears a little less hyped-up. When I went to the cycle dock today the display informed me that I was getting a free bike ride as a birthday celebration gift – what more can you possibly want than that! A fully maintained free bike that I can ride anywhere and leave (almost) anywhere….as long as I find a dock. The offer of the ‘free bike’ did make it sound like I could use it for the whole day without paying but in reality it is only the first 30 minutes that I was not going to pay for. That’s still pretty good by my books, as I really only needed it for a short trip to the shops. Someone else at the dock who got the same free offer was perplexed as to why it was “totally free” — so it was not just me! it didn’t really indicate why it was free on the screen, all it said was that the cost was zero. They should have done a little better marketing job than that, but there you go!

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