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Posted by Chrys on Mar 19th, 2010

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So what do you do when your absolute favorite denims start developing holes (probably due to the fact they are your favorite in the first place)? Toss them out I hear you say … but not so fast! Repairing them is not as tough as you might assume. If you have a sewing machine handy, then there are some straightforward steps that will extend the life of your beloved denims that doesn’t involve  messy darning or the more professional interfacing techniques. A simple sewing machine with a basic stitch is all that you need.

Here goes:

  • First, trim any left over “jean-strings” that one usually finds over denim where the material has worn away.
  • Cut a stretch of  old denim material sufficient to cover the hole in your favorite jeans. Don’t have any old jeans? Then it might be time to invest in some denim material to use now and in the future.
  • Then flipping the Jeans inside out, pin the patch of fabric over the offending hole.
  • Baste down the patch with a few wide stitches to hold it in place.
  • Get rid of the holding pins once you’re all basted down.
  • Using a stitch tension level of around no. 2, which makes the stitches tight and short, flip the denims right side out and sew up and down the span of the hole. There are no particular number of times to sew up and down, just make sure that you cover the whole area. Once finished you ought to be barely able to distinguish that there was a hole there!
  • Finally, cut excess fabric off of the denim patch preferably making use of pinking scissors as denim tends to fray.

Thats it! Have a go yourself – believe me you’ll love the result!

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