Top reasons for moving your family to downtown New York

Posted by Chrys on May 9th, 2014

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New York has all sorts of neighborhoods for families to live in, from the gorgeous homes of Uptown, to the marine delights of Riverview, to the artistic vibes of the Manhattan suburbs. Yet the New York Downtown District that has gone through a recent revival in restaurants and bars, not to mention the number of tourists, is now going through a similar boost in permanent residents. So why is that?

1. Everything is Just a Stroll Away
When your area is essentially 15 blocks, every little thing becomes a lot easier to reach. Taking the kids to the supermarket by minivan is no longer a necessity . Just walk there!

2. A Plethora of Options to Get Around
Don’t see yourself as much of a pedestrian? There are plenty of other methods to get around. With all the brand-new bike pathways across the city, one can reach just about any part of the downtown zone  in safety while also being eco-friendly. Alternatively, if you prefer the tourist way, you have ample buses and metros trains to choose from.

3. Family Days Are Everywhere to be had
If you are a parent, then you know when it’s time to go on a children’s day out. Fortunately, the downtown district provides a wealth of opportunities in abundance. The kids will certainly love the New York Children’s Museum exploring, examining and hopping  around every aspect of this local jewel. A little education for Mom and Dad won’t hurt either! For the pet fanatics, there is always the New York Aquarium of the Americas and the Insectarium. Don’t feel like seeing too many creepy crawlies? Try taking in an iMax movie at the Aquarium instead (while sending the teenagers off to try eating some baked grasshoppers – that will certainly give them the ideal tale to beguile their buddies at lunch break on Monday).

4. Some of the Most Lavish Pads in the Country
There may not be any gardens in the Downtown District, but once your family members see the infinity pools on the roof they’ll forget all about how they miss playing on the lawn for the rest of their young lives. Such facilities in New York apartment complexes are common, along with 3-D movie theatres, smart-phone controlled everything, and did I mention the awesome infinity pools and sundeck on the roof? These and more will certainly designate your home as the holiday season party center for the extended family and friends.

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