Do You Have Picky Eaters?

Posted by healthyhints on May 25th, 2008

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One of our biggest challenges are picky eaters. It seems that a picky eater will not like any type of food you place in front of them. They may complain that they don’t like the food or that it feels funny in their mouths. We as parents then try to disguise the food to make them eat it; or drown the food in ketchup or cheese sauce. There are easier ways to entice your children to eat more foods and also maintain your sanity.

The most important thing to keep in mind, is if you want your child to eat a particular type of food, you must also eat that food. Show them that it tastes ‘yummy’.

Make the food more attractive, for example, you can cut the food into shapes. Using cookie cutters, are a great way to entice your child into eating foods they normally wouldn’t touch. A sandwich in the form of a boat is more interesting than a plain ham and cheese sandwich. Be creative and you will achieve success.

With the summer months upon us, it is important to be sure to give our children plenty of water. Try to limit juice intake; most juices are basically straight sugar. Since it does not contain whole fruits, there is no fiber to slow the release of the sugar. Try to find 100% fruit juices and water them down, to prevent the sugar intake.

Now is the perfect time to introduce different fruits and vegetables. Try freezing grapes and giving them as refreshing treats during the hot summer months. Jell-O is always a favorite. Make them into interesting shapes and try adding fruit for added nutrition. Some other healthy snacks include, raisins, crackers, cheese sticks, pretzels, and frozen yogurt.

Another favorite are frozen pops and you can make your own. Try mixing sugar-free chocolate and vanilla pudding and pouring them into popsicle molds for a wonderful frozen treat. This is a great way to get your children to have their milk intake if they normally wouldn’t drink it out of a cup.

Most importantly try not to lose sleep over your picky eaters. They will eat eventually. You must not give in and give them junk food such as, chips, and candy and have plenty of healthy snacks on hand when they are hungry. Have a vegetable platter available in your refrigerator or cut up fruit for quick snacks.

If your child wants to eat macaroni and cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner, allow it. They will soon grow tired of the same food and will want the variety and this will be your opportunity to introduce more foods.

Be patient and consistent and always introduce new foods. Picky eaters usually start eating other foods, if you don’t stress over it. Try not to force a child to eat, because they will fight you and more than likely still not eat that particular food item. And don’t worry your child will eat, you just need to be creative and patient.

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Dr. Daisy is a Doctor of Chiropractic by profession, wife to a loving and supporting husband and home school mom to 5 beautiful children. Has always been an advocate of Health & Nutrition and promotes Xocai, Healthy Chocolate.Visit Dr. Daisy’s Website

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