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Posted by Sam on June 1st, 2008

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An interior natural herb garden could be the ideal, and practical, remedy for people who prefer to prepare food with fresh natural herbs throughout the year. They equally make perfect sense for individuals who reside in appartments and flats without a garden. Natural herb gardens can be established indoors fairly effortlessly, especially useful for people who live in areas that frequently see freezes or snowfalls in the winter season. Try out these useful tips for an effective natural herb garden even if you do not possess “green” fingers.


When choosing where to place your natural herb garden indoors there are 2 primary variables to take into consideration. First of all, and most significantly, is readily available light. For those residing in the Northern hemisphere, a home window looking south will certainly supply the best natural light. For people in the southern hemisphere , the contrary is applicable and the most effective overview will be a north facing house window. Alternatively, compact fluorescent or LED grow lights can be used either as a supplementary light source or, if ones with sufficient power are used, can obviate the need for natural light altogether. These can be particularly important if you live somewhere with an unpredicatble climate. For example, LED grow lights in the UK are becoming increasingly popular due to our often-overcast skies!

The second factor to consider is easily-accessible clean water.

Kitchen areas are consistently a preferred place as there is usually a window for light and readily-accessible water, and with the added bonus that counter-tops are very easy to wash in the event of potting-mix mishaps.  Make sure to choose a place that is fairly draft free and is also not subjected to significant temperature changes. Those people who reside in excessively warm houses with exceptionally unmoistened air might have to supply their natural herbs with a limited splash of drinking water now and then to guarantee the plant foliage doesn’t dehydrate excessively. However, the majority of natural herbs will certainly not endure over-watering. Their normal environment is warm and dry. This is not to suggest that you never irrigate them, however it does indicate they will certainly require much less water compared to the typical house plant. In particular, once the plants have adapted to their new home and and have begun to establish brand-new leaves, then this is the time to decrease the watering.

Suitable Herbs For Indoor Natural herb Garden

While lots of herbs are ideal for growing inside the home, it can be an excellent idea to make certain you are purchasing the mini-versions. Some natural herbs such as lavenders and also geraniums can easily transform your window case into a real forest if you acquire the size designed for the outdoors. Test parsley, basil, , peppermint, chives, cilantro, or tarragon to begin. Naturally, if you have personal favorites for seasoning your food, or simply for the excellent fragrance, then make sure to include those in your indoor garden.

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